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Phone US/Canada
  Fax Number
Sales - 800-999-1278
Customer Service - 800-676-6618
Tech Support - 800-300-7659
Phone International
  Fax Number - (1)650-583-1974
Sales - (1)650-583-7222
Customer Service - (1)650-871-3920
Tech Support - (1)650-871-3921
International Sales
  General info@polywell.com
  Tech Support support@polywell.com
  General Sales Contact sales@polywell.com
  General Reseller resell.sales@polywell.com
  Value Added Reseller var.sales@polywell.com
  Corporate Sales corp.sales@polywell.com
  Government Sales gov.sales@polywell.com
  Small Business sales@polywell.com
  Education gov.sales@polywell.com
  Enduser enduser.sales@polywell.com
Mailing address
  Polywell Computers, Inc.
1461 San Mateo Ave.
So. San Francisco,
CA 94080,

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