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Polywell Computers announces the establishment of a technology partnership with the company Stratodesk with special SKU listed below for supporting Stratodesk No Touch OS.

Stratodesk develops NoTouch Desktop, a Linux-based operating system and a centralized thin client endpoint management system. Consisting of NoTouch OS and NoTouch Center, NoTouch Desktop allows you to turn any PC, thin client, laptop or ARM based device into a secure and centrally managed thin endpoint.

NoTouch OS Is a Linux-based operating system for endpoints in popular VDI environments and the most advanced thin client OS on the market. Capable of running on the most advanced thin clients, laptops, PCs and Raspberry Pi devices, NoTouch OS is your # 1 choice for a centrally managed endpoint solution.

No Touch Center allows you to manage thousands of VDI thin clients and other devices from one easy-to-use control center. With support for parameter inheritance, groups can be easily set, configured and synchronized. NoTouch Center can be run in the NoTouch Cloud or locally.

As client-server and cloud computing become more and more in demand, the installed base of end-devices in the form of thin clients is growing. To use them effectively, you need centralized thin client management systems. The choice is not very large, and Stratodesk products rightfully occupy a leading position in this market.

Polywell Computers Mini PCs have been successfully tested and certified to run Stratodesk products and has become its technology partner.

It is particularly important to us that Stratodesk produce a dedicated NoTouch IoT solution that leverages the industry-leading Stratodesk software suite and is revolutionizing IoT deployment for edge computing. Manufacturers, enterprises and organizations across all industries now have a real and effective technology that can manage, update, and support the entire IoT deployment.

Polywell Computers, being a manufacturer of a wide range of industrial grade mini PCs, is able to fulfill almost any customer's requirements in terms of configurations such as a combination of I/O ports and other component. Our ability to create such unique solutions, including mini PCs with extended temperature ranges, at the same time using industrial grade components that provide high reliability and an impressive 100 hours of mean time between failures (MTBF), puts us in an advantage that not many manufacturers can offer.

Both companies believe that end-to-end solutions based on mini PCs built by Polywell, and powered by Stratodesk products, will enable providers and end users around the world to better meet their challenges.