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High End Gaming PC

High end gaming PC is the powerful computers with high-performance processors and large amounts of memory, designed to solve complex and voluminous computing tasks. These also include personal computers with powerful graphics accelerators.

The design features of High end gaming PC include the use of the most productive processors. AMD Ryzen Threadripper, Inte® Core X-series, and Intel Xeon are commonly used. Multiprocessor configurations are sometimes used. Typically, High end gaming PCs are equipped with a large amount of RAM. Often, graphics workstations use powerful video cards, including those on the NVIDIA RTX and NVIDIA Quadro platforms. For high performance computing, NVIDIA GPUs based on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture are used. The disk subsystem is usually represented by the fastest SSD NVMe drives. Various RAID configurations are used to speed it up.


X299xSocket 2066 Core X-SeriesX2994 DDR4By Graphics Card1 Intel\i219V+1 Intel\i211AT4 R+4 H5 R+2 Hby Graphics Card3 PCIe 16xTPM+1xPS/27.1 ALC1220
H310A18/9th Socket 1151H3101 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6301 Intel\i219V4 H4 R+2 H1 HDMI+1 VGA/H+1 LVDS/H5.1 ALC662
Q370L28/9th Socket 1151 vProQ3702 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6301 Intel\i219LM+1 Intel\i210AT4 H2 R+2 H1 DP+1 HDMI+1 DVIPCIe 16xTPM7.1 ALC888
i23116/7/8/9th Socket 1151H310C1 DDR4SONvidia GT10301 Realtek\RTL8111H2 H4 R1 HDMI+1 LVDS/H5.1 ALC662
H310AEL28/9th Socket 1151H310 Q3702 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6302 Intel\i2114 R+2 H2 R+2 F1HDMI+1DP+1VGA/H+1LVDS/HPCIe 4xTPM5.1 ALC662
Poly X570xSocket AM4 Ryzen 3rdAMD X5704 DDR44 DDR4 DIMM1 Intel\i211AT4 H7 R+2 H1 HDMI2.0+1 DP2 PCIe 16x+1 PCIe 4x1xPS/27.1 ALC1200
X570ESocket AM4 Ryzen 3rdAMD X5702 DDR4Radeon Vega1 Intel\i211AT2 H4 R+2 H1 DP+2 HDMI2.0PCIe 16x7.1 ALC1220
Poly X299E5Socket 2066 Core X-SeriesX2998 DDR4By Graphics Card1 Intel\i219V+1 Killer\E25004 H8 R+6 Hby Graphics Card2 PCIe 16x+1 PCIe 8x+2 PCIe 4xTPM+1xPS/27.1 ALC1220
X400E3AMD Socket sTRX4AMD TRX408 DDR48 DDR4 DIMM1 Intel\i211AT4 H9 R+4 Hby Graphics Card3 PCIe 16x+1 PCIe 4x7.1 ALC1200
H470L2G11th/10th Socket 1200H4702 DDR4Integrated2 Intel+11ac WiFi/BT1 H4 R+1 H2 HDMI+1 DPPCIe 16xTPM7.1 ALC1220
Q370L3E28/9th Socket 1151 vProQ3702 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6301 Intel\i219V+2 Intel\i210AT2 R+4 H4 R+1 H2 DP+1 DVI+1 LVDS/H1 PCIe 16x+1 PCIe 4xGPIO+LPT7.1 ALC888
Q470L2G11th/10th Socket 1200Q4702 DDR4SOIntel UHD1 Intel\i219V+1 Intel\i2114 H4 R+2 F1 DP+1 HDMI+1 HDMI2.0+1 eDP\LVDS/H+VGA header (co-lay with eDP)1 MiniPCIe+1 PCIe 16xGPIO+TPM5.1 ALC662
Z590L210/11th Socket 1200Z5902 DDR4Intel UHD 7501 Reltek\RTL8125BG+1 Intel\i219V+11ac WiFi/BT1 R+2 H4 R+2 H1 HDMI+1 DP1.4PCIe 16x7.1 ALC897
B560E10/11th Socket 1200B5602 DDR4Intel UHD 7501 Intel\i219V+11ac WiFi/BT2 R+2 H2 R+2 H1 HDMI+1 DP1.4PCIe 16x1xPS/27.1 ALC897
Nano-H510A/Q570A11th/10th Socket 1200H510/Q5702 DDR4Intel UHD 7501 Intel\I219LM3F1F1 HDMI2.0/F+1 DP/FM.2-2280+M.2-2230TPM5.1 ALC662
Nano-U10Ai7-10710uComet Lake-u/Whiskey Lake-u Platform (SOC)2 DDR4SOUHD 620 / Iris Graphics1 Intel® i219LM+SIM141 HDMI + Optional HDMITPM5.1 ALC662
Q570x11th/10th Gen. Socket-S LGA1200Q370 Express, vPro® Technology4 DDR4UHD Graphics1 Intel i211+1 Intel® i2192 R+2 F+2 H4 R+2 F+1H1 HDMI+2 DP+1 VGA2 PCIe x16, 1 PCI 3.0 x1, PCITPM7.1 Realtek Codec
Nano-U10Ci7-10510uComet Lake-u2 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6201 Realtek\RTL8111H2 F +2 RHDMI+DP+Type-C2.1 ALC269
Z690L2 Socket-S 12th GenZ690 Express2 DDR4UHD 770/730/710Dual Gigabit LAN + ax WiFi6EHDMI 2.1 + DP 1.4PCIe 5.0 x16 ALC897 (7.1)
H670L2Socket-S 12th Gen H670 Chipset2 DDR4, up to 64GBUHD 770/730/7102.5GbE LAN + 1GbE LAN, WiFi 6E4 R + 1 H2 R + 1 HHDMI 2.1 + DP 1.4PCIe 5.0 x16ALC897 (7.1)
Z690GSocket-S 12th GenZ690 Express2 DDR5, up to 128GBUHD 770/730/7102.5GbE LAN + WiFi 6E1H5R + 1HHDMI 2.1 + DP 1.4 + Thunderbolt 4ALC1220 (7.1)
H610DSocket-S 12th GenH610 Express2 DDR4, up to 128GB UHD 770/730/710Gigabit LAN + ac WiFi/BT2R + 1HHDMI 2.1 + DP 1.4 PCIe 4.0 x16 ALC897 (7.1)
H610VSocket-S 12th Gen H610 Express 2 DDR4, up to 64GBUHD 770/730Gigabit LAN4R + 2H2R + 1H HDMI 2.1 + 2 DP 1.2 + VGAPCIe 4.0 x16TPM7.1 Audio
WRX80-E7TRyzen Threadripper ProWRX808 DDR4SLI ReadyDual 10GbE + WiFi 62 H8 R + 1 HRealtek W4080
H610V3Alder Lake H6102 DDR4SOUHD 770/730Realtek® RTL8125B3 R2 R2 HDMI, DPRealtek® ALC897
H610AAlder LakeH6102 DDR4SOIntel® 12th Gen Xe Graphics UHD 770/730/7101 LAN + WiFi/BT 4 R1 HDMI + 1 VGA17.1 ALC897
H610L2Alder LakeH6102 DDR4 U-DIMMUHD 770/7302 LAN 3 R2 R2 HDMI, DPALC897
i2312Bi7-9750HCoffee Lake2 DDR4SOIntel UHD 630 Graphics + Nvidia GTX-1650 4G1 Lan + WiFi/BT + 5G-LTE2 R4 R1 HDMI+1 DP+1 Type-C
NUC-U11L211th Gen. Tiger Lake Intel® Tiger Lake (SOC)2 DDR4 Intel® UHD Graphics 2 Intel® Gigabit 1 Mini-DP+1 HDMIPCIe, M.2
Nano-U8MX250i7-10510uComet Lake-u/Whiskey Lake-u Platform (SOC)2 DDR4SOIntel UHD, Nvidia MX2501 Realtek® RTL81112 F2 RM.2-2280+M.2-2230Intel® HD