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Data Storage

What is NetDisk (NAS)-- A Simple Storage for Network replacing a Server -- Polywell NetDisk is a Storage Disk Subsystem that allows Windows, Linux or Mac user to read and write files simply by connecting a Ethernet network.

An Add-on Storage for Network without touching the Existing Server -- NetDisk can also be attached to the existing network to increase more storage space without changing the existing Server, but share all the security right from the Windows Server, NT, Linux or Novell Networks just like a Network Printer that allows the user to share without complicated networking server set up.

iSCSI/SAN for Data Center-- NetDisk can also be configured as a NAS, iSCSI or SAN storage for different (Windows or Linux) Servers via Fiber Channel Host connection or 10Gbit/InfiniBand/Gigabit Ethernet connection with up to 12TB Storage capacity in 1U standard Rack or up to 144TB on a 5U Rack.