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Product Announcements

by Sam Chu, CEO, Polywell Computers

Polywell is expanding our products to support AI in both Cloud Computing and Edge Computing by utilizing NVidia GPU for the Cuda AI and also to have a parallel solution with Intel technology for OpenVino AI.
We are seeing Nvidia Cuda competing with Intel OpenVino + additional new Intel AI technologies integrated into its new processors.

On the high-end side, Nvidia is now leading the GPU for AI computing with its A100. Polywell's 2U4GPU-A100 and 4U8GP-A100 https://www.polywell.com/server-4 are supporting this platform

Mainstream GPU for AI computing:
2U System integrating with GPU Adapters for various configurations by installing up to 4 GPU Cards into the systems

Edge AI
NVidia Cuda Platform:
i2315: https://www.polywell.com/i2315  (new)
i2314: https://www.polywell.com/i2314
i2313 https://www.polywell.com/i2313
i2312: https://www.polywell.com/i2312b
i2311: https://www.polywell.com/i2311
Custom built by choosing different Nvidia Graphics Card: https://www.polywell.com/5000ps
other small form factor Nvidia-based GPU PC: https://www.polywell.com/h510mxm  https://www.polywell.com/nano-u8mx250

Intel OpenVino platform:

Intel is developing its Gaudi to compete with Nvidia A100, their next generation Gaudi 3 based on PCIe 6.0 will bypass the Nvidia GPU because Intel has its PCIe bus controller inside the CPU which can block the performance I/O from Nvidia to compete with them. We will see if Intel can overtake Nvidia in 3 to 5 years after their Gaudi becomes mature, and more software developers port their AI apps from Cuda into the Intel Gaudi platform. We are also seeing Intel developing the ARC Graphics card to compete with Nvidia's GeForce Graphics, which is hard to predict how it will go, but I have confidence that Intel will do better than Nvidia now that PCIe 6.0 Ultra-fast bus lanes are here.

Intel is making the next generation PC as an AI PC by utilizing its PCIe 5.0 bus I/O to talk to the SSD under NVME 5.0 and memory I/O with DDR5, the GPU business would also be dominated after PCIe 5.0 and 6.0 afterward.

Intel has lost the market for a decade to Nvidia, and I will see the new Intel CPU bring Intel back on track to compete, I am going after Intel to develop the products on that path to bet our future into AI because Intel's software is much stronger than Nvidia overall.

Besides the AI, Polywell continues to focus on the embedded segment of the business with our Mini PC and ARM Android platforms. We are also adding more resources to the Server line while aiming for AI Computing with both GPU and Network I/O SDN with 200G and 400G Network I/O modules through PCIe 5.0 and PCIe 6.0 coming along.

INTEL-SA-00828 security advisory

by Polywell Staff

INTEL-SA-00828 is a security advisory issued by Intel Corporation.  
Gather Data Samping (GDS/Downfall)
Affected Processors: Guidance for Security Issues on Intel® Processors 
You may find these firmware versions on certain processors from the:

Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor family
Intel® Xeon® D Processor
Intel® Xeon® E-2300 Processor Family
Intel® Xeon® W-1300 processor family

11th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family
10th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family
8th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family
7th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family
2,3,4. 7th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family
Intel® Pentium® Gold Processor Series
Intel® Celeron® Processor 5000 Series

Questions about your Polywell model? Contact us at our Contact Us page.

Does My System Support Intel® Virtualization Technology?

by Polywell Staff

Intel® Virtualization Technology abstracts hardware that allows multiple workloads to share a common set of resources. On shared virtualized hardware, a variety of workloads can co-locate while maintaining full isolation from each other, freely migrate across infrastructures, and scale as needed.
Intel® Virtualization Technology requires a computer system with the following elements.  

  • A processor
  • Chipset
  • BIOS
  • Operating system
  • Device drivers
    Here is the list of Polywell System supporting Intel® Virtualization Technology

    Click here for Polywell EDGE AI PCS

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